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Company Details

Registered Company Address:
WB Stubbs (Hawksworth) Ltd
Progress Works
NG13 9DF

Email: info@stubbsengland.com

WB Stubbs (Hawksworth) Limited is a company registered in England with company number 620673

VAT number: GB 117 4734 72

WB STUBBS (HAWKSWORTH) LTD are manufacturers, not resellers. Please send us your enquiries and these will either be swiftly passed on to one or more active STUBBS distributors for rapid quotation, or advice will be provided as to your most convenient source of supply.

Statistics: all capacities, dimensions and weights are approximate and for guidance only. Where dry capacity is stated, the product is not designed to be watertight.

Fixings: they are not supplied as wall conditions etc vary from site to site.

We constantly endeavour to improve the products we manufacture and it is possible therefore, that some illustrations and descriptions may differ in detail from the actual product. Errors and omissions excepted.

All images, text and other content remain the property of WB STUBBS (HAWKSWORTH) LTD and no content can be reproduced from the site without permission.