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Swing Feeder


Simple robust design with all rounded corners. Swivels in and out of stable for filling, feeding and cleaning. Secure and simple latch operates from inside or out. Uses the world’s favourite corner manger - our S2P (order separately in 5 colours). Straightforward to install, the 40mm angle iron outer frame covers the cut board ends; drill the frame to suit the width of your boards. (HS Code: 83024900)

  • Time savings, by not opening and closing the stable door
  • Safer for the stable staff who do not have to enter the stable of a restless horse
  • Encourages removal for cleaning as it does not involve opening and closing the stable door
  • Stops the risk of the horse escaping because the stable door is not opened
  • Designed to fit into existing stables, not just new ones - cut the boards and bolt it in
  • No empty frame left in stable when manger is removed for cleaning
  • Utilises the standard S2P STUBBYTHENE Corner Manger that the yards already have
  • Very smart appearance - will grace the best stables
  • Simple drop latch secures, in or out
  • Trusted popular manger with anti waste bars
  • Manger simply lifts out for feeding/cleaning
  • Rounded safety corners
  • One model suits left & right hand installation
  • Impressive all welded construction
  • Hot dip galvanised metalwork for long life
  • First ever swivel corner manger?
  • Sturdy & practical
  • Designed by horse people!

Height 46.5 cm
Length 67.5 cm
Weight 13.4 kg
Capacity 81 litres

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