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Collapsible Tack Trolley


A smart design that folds down or rebuilds in less than 10 seconds. Designed to carry 2 bridles and 1 or 2 saddles, the lower tray has a 2cm lip all round to contain tack boxes or loose items. Particularly suited to livery stables. Large 20cm wheels. Black STUBBYFINE coated steel construction.

Instructions: Begin by removing the red bridle rack horn by undoing the bolt and wing nut - set aside. Now unfold the tack trolley. The leg has a silver coloured insert which goes up into the short tube directly under the handle. Insert the strong ’R’ clip to secure. Attach the red bridle rack horn to the top side using the previously removed bolt and wing nut. You are now ready to use it! To disassemble you should reverse the procedure. It is not necessary to remove the horn. (HS Code: 83024900)

Dimensions shown below are for the product when erect; folded dimensions are as follows:

Height 31 cm
Length 99 cm
Width 56 cm

Height 98 cm
Length 84 cm
Width 56 cm
Weight 8.8 kg

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