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Stubby Star


This great barrow tips and flips for complete emptying - with a stunningly easy operation - regardless of whether it is full or only part loaded.  A natural progression from our outstanding and most popular S1067 barrow. The body tips beyond vertical. Superbly balanced, even when loaded. Steel reinforced tipping edge. Ultra tough STUBBYTHENE body in Blue, Green, Pink or Purple. Mounted on two large 40cm 4ply pneumatic tyred wheels. Fully galvanised frame with wear pads on the legs. Packaged with handles, legs and wheels inside the shrink wrapped body (quickly assembles with 6 bolts - 17mm spanners required) and complete with a POS label. (HS Code: 87168000)

Tip:- Keep tyres properly inflated (around 28-30psi / 2bar) and you will seldom get punctures.

Height 86 cm
Length 182 cm
Width 86 cm
Weight 33.5 kg
Dry capacity 210ltrs
Packed size 43 x 86 x 137cm

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