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Lidded Hay Roller – pony


New simple twist lid increases feeding time

This is a great boredom breaker/slow feeder - and it stops hay blowing around the field. Horses and ponies love this within seconds, and so do their owners. The conical shape rolls in a circle so it does not go straight across a field and under a hedge or fence. It is a serious feeder and will take as much hay as a large haynet or hayrack. The filler is funnel shaped to make filling very easy. Dual purpose, it is also a pole block. Moulded from exceptionally tough STUBBYTHENE, which we test ourselves down to -30 °C. 8 popular colours: Carrot Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Apple Green, Yellow, Pink & Purple. Separate models for horses and ponies - by feeding hole size: Horse 7.5cm, Pony 5cm. (HS Code: 39269097)

Hugely popular - now with innovative, tough lid. (Original model also in full production.)

  • Lid is secured with 90° twist
  • Funnel shaped for easy filling
  • Horse sized holes - S4280
  • Pony sized holes - S4180
  • Great as pole blocks too!

Length 62 cm
Weight 4.9 kg
Feeder holes 5cm
Filling hole 25cm
Large end diameter 59cm
Small end diameter 29cm

* Colours:

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