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Slo - Grazer


Large capacity - cuts waste!

Seriously tough, this circular ground feeder dramatically cuts waste, slows consumption AND is a great boredom breaker. The capacity is approximately equal to that of a large haynet (7kg) and the speed of consumption is equivalent to a horse naturally grazing grass (see the video below).

Scientists recommend ground level feeding for natural posture and best digestion. This extremely robust grazer incorporates a hatch on the underside for simple filling. The grazing horse uses its lips to grasp grass before chewing. Similarly, the simple plastic grazing-grid restricts access to hay - the horse simply grazes. Progressively the grazing-grid goes down as the hay level reduces. The result is very little waste! Any dust at the bottom simply drops through when inverted for refilling.  

Usual tough STUBBYTHENE moulding (tested to -30C) in Red, Blue, Green, Black & Pink.  (HS Code: 39269097)

  1. Turn upside down and remove hatch with a 1/4 twist (as per our S4280 Hay Roller)
  2. Fill with hay.
  3. Replace hatch with a 1/4 twist; turn right way up.
  4. The grazing-grid is automatically on top of the hay and the grazer is ready for use.

Height 42 cm
Weight 8.5 kg

* Colours:

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